About Us


Disruptive digital technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence, Block chain coupled with Machine learning are setting new stage of expectation in the market pushing Industries to rethink the traditional Business model. To sustain in this highly competitive environment, businesses need to successfully sail through increased complexity, enhance operational efficiency and enable collaboration amidst constant change.

Our Consulting services support clients to be more responsive, better and faster decision making, tweak operational efficiency through process automation, offer unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, real business insight and practical solutions.

We help companies harness this modern technology revolution to enhance the operational efficiency and to stay in the competitive edge.

What We Do

You foresee a Business opportunity in your visual Range but unable to Lock-On due to no clues on how to find right technology partners within the limited time to make the Integrated system the customers are expecting! 

Your organization won a Medium/large scale project but lacks a BOLT-ON program management team and hence facing a slippage in key metrics?

You are a traditional leader in your respective industry but lacks technological upgrade. You witness new age companies taking your share of the pie! 

Your organizations Business time and capabilities are stretched to the tensile limit, yet you need to meet customers’ demands for cost reductions on current products or services!

Your organization require some specific software to Automate, streamline & enhance the process. But no clue where to start, how to build, how much funds to be allocated and how to integrate with organization goal! Capturing these financial rewards requires innovative entrepreneurial resources with unique out of the box skill sets than most of the organizations in today’s economy possess. Most of the organizations have sliced down the amount of techno commercial advisors that deal directly with market challenges.

Lead-o-mation can help you overcome these obstacles and stay in the game and be part of your journey.

  • Supply partner Development & supplier management
  • Supplier quality certification and compliance
  • Bid preparation and analysis
  • Product certification & Compliance
  • Program and account management
  • Ongoing process analysis and refinement
  • Software development/testing/verification/certification

Aerospace & Defense

We understand a large chunk of A&D business fall under government sector and it requires a unique blend of expertise for liaisoning with respective government bodies, Interact with Defense Public sector organizations, Defense Labs and last but not least the geographical and cultural integration. Most of the Defense programs are of long gestation period which requires razor-sharp focus and attention to detail for grabbing the opportunity apart from possessing financial muscle. Government initiative of Indigenization in Defense procurement policy makes it perpetually complex for foreign firms to penetrate the Indian defense market even though having technologically advanced products or solutions 

We bring value through our rich industrial expertise derived from Engineering consulting and System integration in technologically advanced environment. Our consultants possess decade of exposure executing various Defense programs.

We provide Aerospace and Defense clients with a Consulting service to catalyze and enhance Supply Chain Development, Technology Evaluation, Technology Acquisition, Process Enhancement, Automation, program Management & Govt Liaison.

  • Electronic Warfare systems
  • Tactical Communication systems
  • Laser weapons
  • Coastal security & Maritime surveillance
  • Camouflage and Deception